Monday, July 21, 2008

Two very different worlds 650 miles apart

Many have asked me if the place we're going to in Sudan is near where I was in 1987. The two places are only about 650 miles apart, but are in entirely different geographic regions with completely different cultures. In 1987, I travelled through Khartoum to a small, remote desert village in northern Sudan called Hamrat Al-Wuz. This year, we're travelling via Uganda (south of Sudan) to Juba, the capital of Southern Sudan, in order to catch a flight to the town of Aweil. It is rainy season, and I'm told it is very green there at this time of year.

(See the July 15 posting below for further details.)

© 2008 by Ken Peters


Anonymous said...

Has it been 21 years since I sent you a cassette of the Joshua Tree to listen to there where the streets have no name?
-Larry Gregan
New Life Ministries

Ken said...

If I remember right, that was about June of 1987. I remember getting a funny look out of the corner of my roommate's eye (he was from Juba in Southern Sudan) as he heard the faint rumblings coming from my walkman's headphones as I put that tape on and turned up the volume. That was quite a thoughtful gift to send to a guy who'd been sitting in a desert for six months! Thanks Larry!