Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Power of Pie

Thanksgiving is a day of celebrating our gratitude by feasting on the blessings we're thankful for. Nothing wrong with that, so long as we remember to also make time in our lives for those who have very little, and share our blessings with them. But the fact that there are people in need in this world is certainly not a reason to decry our enjoyment of God's wonderful gifts to us. God wants us to enjoy His blessings, and He wants that enjoyment to give us increased joy in Him, and He also wants that joy to spill over to bless others as we share His blessings with people around us.

For me, the part of Thanksgiving that best accomplishes all that is pecan pie. Yes, pecan pie. I love pecan pie. It's delicious. It's delectable. Give me a pie and a fork, and that's all I need. My thoughts will turn heavenward with every bite. And it just so happens that my wife Fiona makes the best pecan pie on the planet. She tends to bake it at Christmas, on my birthday and at Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving, she's made three pecan pies! Three pecan pies! What a perfect opportunity this provides for overflowing joy in God! Think of it... Fiona gets to share something of incomparable taste with me... I get to feast on the blessing of many pieces... my joy in the One who has given us the wonder of pecan pies increases by the mouthful... and with three mouth-watering pies, I have an abundance to share with others, thereby increasing both my joy and the joy of others! It's the power of pie -- pecan pie! Such delicacies in life are meant to be God-given pointers to our Father in heaven, in whom we can find far more delight than in any earthly feast and who provides us with such feasts as mere tastes of His eternal and infinite love for us. I want to remember that as I fill my face this Thanksgiving. Just as I also want to remember the people in this world I'm meant to share God's blessings with -- people who don't know how much God loves them. The blessings on which we feast taste best when shared with those who've never tasted them!

Oh, and there's gotta be a lot of whipped cream on pecan pie. Each piece has got to be smothered in whipped cream.

© 2008 by Ken Peters


Salgal said...

okay Ken, but what about being thankful for raison pie? ;-) Sometimes the Lord gives us raisons and not pecans! Have you thanked the Lord lately for raison pie Ken?
Great devotional Ken. Thanks!

Ken said...

Wow. Now I would find that a challenge. Till now, I thank Him that I've never had to eat raisin pie! And if the Lord gave me raisins in such a form, I think I'd fast as my expression of thanks!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're blogging about pecan pie rather than pumpkin pie... so much better.

Ken said...

I totally agree Bjorn.
Pecan pie is in a category by itself. I'd prefer that it not even be associated with other pies, but that it be given a food group unto itself.

Anonymous said...

I concur. After years of answering "Pecan Pie" when asked what kind of cake I want for my birthday, people FINALLY realized I was being sincere, and I've enjoyed two consecutive birthday pecan pies with candles in them. Of course, they taste much better once the candles are out. Yum!
Mary Elliott :o]

Ken said...

Yes, I've also had pecan pie on my birthday! That makes 3 occasions that call for pecan pie in 3.5 months for me. So by the end of January, I weigh about 20-30 pounds more than usual.