Saturday, May 2, 2009

To my bride!

Today is Fiona's 40th birthday! We were married when she was 22 years old and she's as beautiful today as the day we wed. More so! As we've shared the last 18 years together, my admiration for her has continually increased. I've watched how she has dealt with a kidney condition for 20 years, and how she responded when her kidneys eventually failed so that she needed dialysis, and I've been amazed! In fact, she amazes me in so many ways that I want to list some of them here for everyone to see!
  • Despite many difficult circumstances, her faith in God has grown stronger and stronger.
  • She is cheerful and positive, even under pressure.
  • As she has grown in God, she has become a real fighter in areas of spiritual warfare.
  • She knows how to encourage herself in God when disappointments come.
  • She's a wonderfully wise and intuitive mother to our three children.
  • She's not a worrier! She has a deep trust in God in times of need.
  • She's really smart with a phenomenal memory and great organizational skills.
  • I regularly watch her handle and sort out details in several contexts at once without getting flustered and without missing a beat.
  • She's careful when spending money on herself while extremely generous toward others.
  • She has a very willing spirit and a very high capacity in her service to the Body of Christ.
  • She's sacrificial in her love for others, and serves without complaint when she sees a need.
  • She calls me up to a higher perspective and to greater maturity on a regular basis!
  • She's an extraordinarily caring and sensitive wife!
  • And she's incredibly beautiful!
I love my wife! I'm so glad that the Lord led us to each other and that she's such a wonderful friend. I love sharing life with her, walking together in the journey we're on. I continually see the grace of God at work in her, and she's often a minister of grace to me. Though she'd never think it of herself, she's an amazing lady. And she's more amazing with every year that passes!

© 2009 by Ken Peters

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Eileen said...

A beautiful tribute, Ken.
We too greatly admire our lovely daughter and are thrilled that she found such a great husband in you!