Saturday, August 21, 2010

A great name not found in most baby books!

There are times when I really need to hear it again. Times like when I've yelled at my kids over nothing. Or like when I've behaved like a selfish jerk with Fiona. Things said that I can't take back, an example set that makes my kids look more well-adjusted than me, and I'm left feeling like a loser that even God couldn't love.  It's times like that when I really need to hear the simple truth of what God chose to name His people despite their previous rebellion and how much He knew they'd rebel in the future: "you shall be called My Delight Is In Her" (Isaiah 62:4).  And it's times like that when I need to remember who the God of this far flung universe truly is to me: "You, O Lord, are our Father" (Isaiah 63:16).

However I've failed lately -- whatever my blunders -- however disappointed I may be with myself, I can be encouraged that because of the faith I've been given in the saving power of Jesus' death and resurrection, I am now adopted as God's beloved son and have been given the wonderful name of My Delight Is In You. Wow.  These are simple truths I need to be reminded of now and then. Reminders that God delights in me and that His love is a perfect Father's love. What an encouragement it is when I focus on Him instead of me.

© 2010 by Ken Peters