Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Never too messy for Him

Genesis chapter 4 is such a mess. Cain murdered Abel, and then he's exiled, the First Family of Creation so soon divided — fractured — followed by Cain’s offspring, Lamech, murdering a man and a boy, and then boasting of it to his wives. We're told that Eve found some solace in the birth of Seth, but the mess had been made, beginning with Adam and Eve’s initial disobedience in the Garden, all so very quickly after God had previously called His spotless creation “very good." Three chapters and a few generations later, all I can see is very messy.

Then, surprisingly amidst the prolonged focus on the growing mess of mankind, Genesis, chapter four, ends with, “Then men began to call upon the name of the LORD.” So that too had been part of the mess — God’s creation had forgotten Him and had stopped calling out to Him. But amidst all that, we're told that God drew them back to Himself once again, to call out to Him. God drew near to them, amidst the mess. 

And the same is true today. Today's world is a mass reflection of Genesis chapter four, and yet God is continually drawing near to people in every dark corner and on every lonely road. No matter how messy it gets, and no matter how far a person has drifted away, God is truly among us. He is Emmanuel, God with us  even amidst the mess. And He wants to save us from our messes. 

Maybe you're praying for someone who has gotten lost in the messiness of this world. Or maybe you feel that you've contributed a little to the mess that began in Genesis. Whatever the case, whatever pigpen that anyone is in, we can be certain that God is still causing sin-stained people today to "call upon the name of the LORD." Praise God for His infinite grace!

© 2019 by Ken Peters