Who is this guy?

     I'm Ken. I began this blog years ago because I wanted to share with others from the things I'm learning from God. It's been kind of like a spiritual journal that I've been happy to share with others in case some of it may be helpful to those who read it. 
     Of course, this means being somewhat vulnerable at times, because God often speaks to me about areas in which I desperately need to grow. But at other times, the things for which God is opening my viewpoint is regarding areas in which He simply wants to encourage or affirm me. Whatever the case, it should go without saying that I don't always hear God exactly right, so there will be views I write in this blog that will inevitably need adjustment someday. But my hope is that whatever insights may actually be found here will be an encouragement to those who read them.
     I happen to be a pastor, so that can sometimes make being too honest regarding the things I'm learning a bit awkward. But I risk it anyway. I'm obviously made of clay whether I'm a pastor or not, and I'm fine with those who know me knowing the ways in which I'm still in process as a child of God. And if you're interested, the church I'm a part of is both evangelical and charismatic in its leanings.
     But what makes the vulnerability of this blog a little easier is the love and understanding of my amazing and beautiful wife, and the way my three wonderful young adult "kids," and the husbands of my two daughters, keep me honest. Plus there's the way my new grandson keeps me amazed at the goodness of God. My wife has also been a phenomenal example of faith to me as she went through some significant long-term health issues while still remaining joyful and hopeful in her relationship with Jesus.
     But rather than me going on too long here, if you want to get to know me better, you'd be better off simply reading my blog. From there, you'll discover the view from here!