Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A year of blogging

It's my blog's birthday today. It's one-year old. I realize that's not too big a deal, but it's a milestone I want to mark because of how much I've enjoyed the hobby this blog has become for me. I've appreciated the motivation it's provided me to write, and even though I don't often know who's visiting the blog or whether they're enjoying what they read or not, I'm certainly pleased that it's received nearly 1,800 hits in the last year.

When I began this blog, I really wasn't sure what I would write about. But after 88 postings, it's clear that the theme that has come up most often has been "perseverance and trust." I guess that should be no surprise given the serious health issues my wife Fiona has faced. And that would explain why "prayer" and "Fiona's health" came up ten and six times respectively. I'm sure it's also why the second most mentioned theme has been "God's centrality." Finding God in the midst of difficult circumstances has been how Fiona and I have been able to remain hopeful whatever the circumstances. If there's anything that puts me at peace, it's the assurance that a powerful and loving God is sovereignly in control of everything we're going through, and we can trust Him like no other. The "John Piper" postings are a reflection of the fact that his writings have encouraged me a great deal in this regard.

There were two other themes that I was pleased to see coming up regularly. If you put the two topics of "consumerism" and "justice issues" together (which fit together quite naturally), they represent the third most mentioned theme on this blog. Those are issues that have always mattered a great deal to me, as the postings on "Sudan" and "reaching out" would suggest.

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