Friday, April 28, 2017

Knowing your Place

Today as I read Psalm 99, I felt like God gently put me in my place. Verse five says, "Exalt the LORD our God and worship at His footstool; Holy is He."

Sometimes I come to God like I know better than Him. Sometimes I come to God like I know exactly what He ought to do about something I want. Sometimes I come to sit with Him, and He with me, as though we're sharing His throne.

But it's important for me to remember that even though He may call me friend and brother, and even though He has delegated spiritual authority to me, He is still the King of kings and the Lord of lords ...and I'm not.

So when I come to worship Him, it's better to worship Him humbly "at His footstool" rather than as a know-it-all wanna-be trying to squeeze beside Him on His throne as I tell Him the way things ought to be.

After all, "Holy is He" and holy I'm not. And exalting the LORD ought to include humbling myself.

Psalm 99 goes on to repeatedly promise that God answers the prayers of His people, even those whom He had to forgive for grave sins! But the inference remains that He prefers to answer the prayers of humble worshipers.

© 2017 by Ken Peters

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