Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Excitement of the Angels

Across the lofty unbridged void,
At God's great Throne above,
A host of angels were convened
To hear God's plan of love.

They heard how He would save the world
By sending His own Son.
They'd been called to speak of it,
And they must leave at once!

These mighty angels felt great joy
To be chosen and sent down,
They finally saw how God would save
The jewel of Creation's crown.

With excited hearts and blazing eyes,
They in set formations flew
Down from the heavens - like a flood
Of God's love for me and you.

They rushed urgently, eagerly!
They'd waited ages for this day.
Something planned from long ago,
Now they finally knew the Way.

Their destination was not grand,
Not a palace nor a crown;
Just a humble little pasturage
Outside a tiny town.

This luminescent heavenly troop
Looked not for crowds to grant a sight;
Just a few simple shepherds
Whom God took notice of this night.

Shepherds much ignored by most,
In a cold and lonely place;
Simple men God longed to draw
To receive His boundless grace.

The angels must have noticed
How fitting were these men;
The Saviour they would soon proclaim
Was a Shepherd just like them.

And these heralds must have also felt
A sense of buoyant mirth –
How would these sleepy men respond
When mighty angels hailed His birth?

They came upon them unawares,
Just resting with their flocks;
So to begin, just one shone forth
To reduce the initial shock!

That angel came upon them, lo –
As God's glory shone around;
The angel said, "Don't be afraid"
As the shepherds cowered down.

The angel shared good tidings, saying,
"All people" was who they’re for;
He said, "This day is born a Saviour,
which is Christ the Lord."

He told these simple, humble men
Of a Baby in a nook:
"Wrapped in swaddling clothes," he said,
"In a stable - go and look!"

Then suddenly! A multitude!
“Praise God!” the host did call.
"Glory to God in the highest, 

Peace and good will toward all!”

Silence of centuries broken,
By the sound of what was sung,
The choir smiled at the wide-eyed men
As they watched them rise and run.

The shepherds fled, eager to see
The Babe that had been sent,
Then the angels sped into the skies,
Eager to share how it went.

Myriad angels were at the gates
To welcome the heralds back,
And so loud was their rejoicing,
Some on earth said, "What was that?"

© 2017 by Ken Peters

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