Sunday, August 10, 2008

We value your prayers

I'd appreciate your prayers for our upcoming trip to Africa. I'm going with two traveling companions, Aken (originally from S. Sudan) and Carlos.
On August 11, we fly to Uganda, and then on August 18, we plan to fly to Juba, Sudan. Then we will catch the first available flight to Aweil, Sudan (see July 21 posting below). We plan to be back in Winnipeg on Saturday, August 30.
Please pray for safety during all our travels, and that no luggage is lost along the way.
And please pray for our time in Uganda to be fruitful. We hope to meet with some specific church leaders there to discuss the possibility of partnering with them in the planting of a school in Aweil of southern Sudan.
Please also pray that God will give us divine appointments in Aweil. In order to properly assess the situation, we will need to meet with local government authorities as well as with church leaders. We will need God’s wisdom to be able to see if, where and how we could plant a school in the Aweil area.
A good deal of the time will also be spent re-connecting with Aken’s relatives, as he has not seen them for about 25 years. It will be quite an emotional reunion, and will likely be quite a celebration! Please pray for grace for Aken regarding any unexpected news he may receive as he gets reacquainted.
We’d also appreciate prayer for our health. Food and water, heat and mosquitoes will all be issues for which we’ll need the Lord’s protection. We don’t want to lose valuable time due to travel-related illness.
And finally, please pray for our families here in Winnipeg. Please pray for them to experience a very real peace while we are away, and for protection from any hassles that could come up.
Thank you for all your prayers! I'll try to update the blog from Africa if I have opportunity! And I'll let you know how it all went once we're back home.

© 2008 by Ken Peters


Anonymous said...

My heart feels large as I consider the huge scope yet precise specificity of your love, Ken - Christ in you, the hope of glory. May you be as blessed in your journeying as the rest of us are.

Larry Gregan
New Life Ministries

Ken said...

It encourages me to know you're thinking of me Larry, because I know you'll be praying!
Thanks for that.