Friday, May 15, 2009

Staggering data regarding real people

Here's some perspective. At the time of writing this entry, the global stat-counter at the bottom of this page showed that around the world, about 22,515,000 people had died thus far in 2009. Not included in that number is 15, 354,000 babies who have been killed by abortion thus far in 2009.

That's right. Take 68% of the number of total global deaths that have occurred this year so far, and you'll have the number of babies who have been killed this year before they were even born.
Compare that to other causes of death that we take seriously enough to exert great energy trying to solve. At this time, about 2,875,000 have died of cancer in 2009, 1,227,000 have died of AIDS, 620,000 from TB, 389,000 from diabetes, 67,000 due to war. And while all that has been happening, 15 million, 354 thousand babies have been killed by abortion.

Why can't people see that a baby is a baby even before it's born? Why has this gone on so long with the permission of politicians and the help of health professionals? The global numbers are staggering.

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