Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Star at their Backs

What were they thinking
As they made their way home,
Their backs turned to the King
On which the bright star had shone?

On their long journey home,
As they looked back with awe,
Did their hearts feel pulled back
Toward the Child that they saw?

And when they were with Him,
Were they eager to stay?
A star led them to Him,
But what led them away?

They’d come far to see Him,
Somehow sensing His fame;
But He’d come so much further
With them as part of His aim.

Bowing low, they gave gold
To that humble young Boy,
Who would give them Himself
So as to bring them great joy.

They must've longed to find out
How His life would progress,
Never dreaming that one day
Their own nation He'd bless.

What had they witnessed?
Their memories were blurs.
They had gone forth as seekers…
To return worshippers.

© 2017 by Ken Peters

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