Sunday, October 5, 2008

A prize for the 500th visit!

It's been 161 days since I started this blog on April 28 of this year. And just this morning, someone dropped by for the overall 500th visit to this blog! No, it wasn't that particular person's 500th visit and nor was he the 500th visitor -- but his arrival to the blog marked the 500th time someone had checked out "The View from Here. " So to celebrate, I'm giving away a prize!

I'm pleased to announce that the prize for the 500th visit goes to my dear Dad! And the prize is a copy of the book "Pierced by the Word" by John Piper.

I can assure you that my Dad had no inside information regarding this prize. I had told absolutely no one about any prize or even that the blog was approaching this milestone. But it does seem a happy coincidence that my Dad's 74th birthday just happens to be tomorrow, October 6! It looks to me like God simply wanted to bless my Dad on this special occasion. Happy birthday, Dad! The book will be in the mail tomorrow.

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The View From There said...

Congratulations Mr. Peters. You must be proud of your son every time you check out his blog. We certainly are as his friends.